Can star signs inspire your wedding trends?

From food to flowers and everything in between, organising a wedding can be a lot of work. For a start, there are all sorts of preferences to consider – not to mention trends – so if you’re still searching for inspiration, have you ever considered looking to the stars?

You might want to take it with a pinch of salt, but here is a wedding trend for every zodiac sign…

Aries likes excitement and thrills so the ram’s ideal wedding might include a big destination wedding, filled with family and friends to share the adventure and celebrations.

Taurus likes the finer things in life, and lots of them. When it comes to the wedding, this might include an engagement party, a bridal shower, a hen party, a stag do and any other opportunity to get people together – not to mention the accompanying gifts.

Geminis are social folk who love to connect with everyone around them – made all the easier these days by social media. In fact, Gemini will positively relish creating the ideal hashtag to link family and friends.

Home is where the heart is for Cancer. Getting married where they grew up is the perfect venue for a seamless transition from past to future, from old traditions to creating new ones of their own.

Leos love to go large. A grand entrance is a must-have at the reception, and preferably for the rest of the occasion, so Leo’s celebrations will have them front and centre throughout.

Virgos love all the planning and are very organised when it comes to the wedding preparations. Expect beautiful invitations with elaborate fonts and colours as these will have been lovingly and carefully organised by Virgo.

Now Libras love life’s pleasures. Don’t be surprised if guests receive a personal and thoughtful gift, like candles with the same scent so that everyone can remember the occasion every time they light it, long after the day itself is over.

Sensitive Scorpios feel things deeply. They may enjoy writing their own incredibly personal vows though they’re probably more likely to be shared in private before the reception than in public.

Sagittarius loves to try new things, including when it comes to food. They are drawn to food stations and other less formal eating arrangements rather than a sit-down meal, enabling them to mingle with everyone while the eating takes place.

Practical, pragmatic and possibly even saving for a deposit, Capricorn may like the trend of asking guests for money, rather than an actual present. And if they’ve asked for money, you know for sure that you’re giving them exactly what they would like.

Sociable Aquarius may want to their wedding party to be a big affair that includes all of their friends and family – the bigger the better gives them even more opportunity to be creative.

Pisces are peaceful and serene. Just as likely to be thinking about everyone else on the big day, the guests’ comfort will be essential for Pisces to relax and enjoy themselves.

So, there we are – a tongue in cheek look at how your star sign may affect your choice of wedding trends. Of course, we all know what really matters is that it’s your wedding and the best trend is the one that you want.