Not the usual stag or hen do.


We know that hen and stag dos come in all shapes and sizes, but this pre-wedding tradition called ‘blackening’ which hails from the north east of Scotland, is certainly going to get you noticed by aroma if nothing else.

Basically, the couple about to get married are captured by their nearest and dearest and then covered with anything unpleasant from dog food, to rotten eggs, to fish innards, to molasses as the molasses are meant to provide the base layer to which everything else sticks. Anything goes as long as the couple are paraded afterwards for all to see!

Historically, the practice began as a cleansing ritual to prepare women for the forthcoming marriage in which they washed their feet after covering them with black soot from the chimney. Washing her feet was a sign that the bride was going to go through with the wedding! Over time, the foot-washing ritual moved outside and the bride and groom to be tried to run away so when they were caught, they were covered in all manner of dirty smelly things.

Believe it or not, the practice is supposed to bring good luck to the couple – and unlike most stag and hen dos, at least you’re in it together.