How To Modernise The Wedding Experience

We’ve all been to loads of weddings over the years, and after a while they kind of blend into one. While many people like to try and make their wedding unique, we rarely see anyone pushing the boundaries of what a modern wedding could be.

A lot of people either want or feel like they have to have a more traditional wedding, but we think its time to modernise the experience as a whole.

If you’re starting to plan a wedding yourself or know someone who is, here are some fresh and exciting ideas for a more modern wedding.

Alternative Wedding Venues

After the question has been popped and you’ve both celebrated the joyous occasion, the wedding venue is likely going to be the first thing you’ll need to think about.

A lot of weddings in the past have taken part in a church, which is very traditional. However, there lies the problem – it’s very traditional.

While churches can provide a nice backdrop for the ceremony, they are very dated and not ideal for weddings going for a more modern aesthetic. If you’re not religious, it makes more sense to host your wedding in an alternative venue.

We’ve seen a huge increase in the number of wedding venues in the Cheshire area over the last few years, from designated event spaces to golf clubs. These types of venues work perfect for modern couples, and can usually be decorated to fit each individual couple’s styles.

But you can get even wilder with your choice of venue. Couples who want to go for something really different could opt for a beach wedding, rooftop ceremony or even marriage at sea. Have some fun with it.

Light Colour Schemes

We tend to associate modern with being clean and fresh, and nothing says clean and fresh like an all white colour scheme.

If you were to do a Google Search right now of the term “modern wedding”, the majority of searches that come back will show venues draped in beautiful whites and creams. White gives off a very elegant vibe, making everything feel pure and almost dream like.

Everything from the chairs to the decorations to the wedding cake should at least feature some shade of white. If you really wanted to commit to the white colour scheme, you could even consider a white suit for the groom.

Modern Transport

Turning up at the wedding in a vintage Bentley or Volkswagen van has been done over and over again, so its time to make way for a modern alternative.

Arriving at the venue in a beautiful Rolls Royce Ghost will give you the feeling of stepping out in a classic vehicle but with a luxury, modern interior. Combining a recognisable look with modern craftsmanship under the hood, there will be no chance of a stranded bridal party with this car.

If you’re looking to really capture a sense of style, then the Jaguar XJL Portfolio is perfect. With a smooth, elegant body, this model is sure to turn heads when you arrive for your guests.

Red Carpet Cars provides an unrivalled wedding transport service with a range of premium vehicles ready to drive you around on your special day. For more information, please get in touch.

Fresh Take On Dresses & Suits

As nice as they may look, a classic black suit and large, over the top dresses are quite dated at this point so it’s time to change that up.

For the bride’s dress, going for something a little more minimalistic could work well, opting for an elegant simple design over tons of frills. Ultimately the choice of dress will depend on the bride’s choice, but you can’t go wrong with something that is beautiful and modern.

Considering the bride’s party is made up of her closest friends and family, it might be a nice idea to let some of their own unique style shine through (without upstaging the bride of course). Instead of having all the bridesmaids wearing the same dresses, choose a colour theme for everyone to stick to and allow them to wear their own unique dresses.

As far as suits go, we recommend looking at blue or grey suits as opposed to the traditional black tux. You could also have the groom’s wedding party wear a different shirt colour or tie colour to groom to really make him stand out.

Stay Online

As nice as it is to receive a Save the Date card through the post, we’ve got a better idea that will save you from hours of licking envelopes.

Send the invitations out via a special email that will include a link to a webpage where they can RSVP to the event. This might not initially sound any better than sending out real invitations, but let us explain a bit more.

Have a webpage dedicated to your wedding set up where people can confirm their attendance to your event, whilst also being able to view the menu, see who else is going and maybe even an option to upload fun photos people have of the happy couple from over the years.

This kind of unique thinking will only make for a much more personalised and modern wedding experience, and makes it easier for the people attending.

Another fun idea for the day could be to create a unique hashtag that people can use to tag pictures from the event on the day, allowing you to look back on everyone’s snaps in an easy manner. It will also help it feel more like an experience than just another wedding.

If you’re feeling particularly lazy, you could just create a Facebook event for the wedding and invite people that way. It might sound like a funny idea, but it’s not the worst way to get people to RSVP.

Make It Personal

Lastly, one of the best ideas to modernise your wedding is to make it truly personal to you and your partner.

This is supposed to be the biggest and best day of your life, so it only makes sense to add personal touches that are going to make that bit more special for you.

One way to make it feel really special is for you both to write your own wedding vows, personalised to your experiences and your relationship. It doesn’t have to be super serious either, and can be as silly and wacky as you want if that’s who you are as people.

If you’re both big music lovers, then why not turn your wedding into a festival, complete with food vans and a live band to play you through the night? Do you both love a certain piece of pop culture like Harry Potter or Star Wars? Why not make it a themed wedding and go all out?

After all, this is your big day so you want to enjoy it. No idea is too big or too much for your wedding, so get creative and have fun with it.