Why You Should Be Using A Modern Vehicle For Weddings

Choosing the perfect vehicle to transport you around on your wedding day can be a difficult choice. With so many different kinds of vehicles to choose from, it can be tough to narrow it down.

One of the biggest choices that people are often faced with is choosing between a newer, more modern car or a classic or vintage style model.

Here at Red Carpet Cars we believe that modern vehicles are the perfect choice, and to prove it we’ve decided to look at some of the benefits you can enjoy by choosing a new car for your special day.


We start this list off with one of the most important and vital reasons for hiring a modern car over a vintage one, and that is the reliability factor.

Thanks to the advances in technology and engineering, modern cars are known to be very reliable and the risk of breaking down is very slim. The same can’t be said however for older vehicles.

Even though a lot of old cars are kept to a high standard, the reality is that the possibility of something going wrong is higher than usual, and you can never really trust what’s under the bonnet.

With the schedule using being very tight on wedding days, there isn’t any room for error so being stuck on the side of the road will be a disaster. How many times have you seen a broken down stretched limo or camper van?

Hire a modern vehicle and know that they’ve been kept to the highest standard and are regularly checked to ensure a smooth and stress free ride.

Reliable & Modern Car

Unparalleled Comfort

Old cars may carry a certain classic look, but exactly how comfy is the journey?

You tend to find that a lot of older vehicles can feel crammed, not having much spare room to move and generally providing a slightly uncomfortable experience. If you’ve got a particularly large dress, you’re going to struggle in a small car.

With a sleek modern vehicle such as the Rolls Royce Ghost or long wheel based Jaguar, you can enjoy a level of comfort that is simply unparalleled. Sporting luxurious white seats with plenty of leg room, you’ll find yourself not wanting to get out of the car.

The journey to the venue can be a long one, so travelling in total comfort only makes sense.

Immaculately Prepared

We spend hours professionally preparing our vehicles each time we use them, ensuring they smell and feel like a brand new out of the showroom model.

Whilst the look of an old car may be a period look, the interior (the part that you will be sitting in) can never match the class design or condition of any of Red Carpet Cars’ fleet. For example, each one of our luxury modern vehicles is fitted with a breath taking interior, lined with beautiful finishes and an attention to detail that is incredible.

Nicely Prepared Modern Car

Modern Technology

Whilst this is what you should expect, our modern fleet feature state of the art technology – efficient heating or air conditioning depending on the season, ensuring you arrive relaxed and chilled.

We take things such as air conditioning and car speakers for granted these days, but the majority of classic vehicles aren’t fitted with these kind of luxuries. If you’re getting married on a hot summer’s day, do you really want to be sweating your make up off?

Looking at the opposite end of the spectrum, most modern cars are fitted with powerful heating systems and even heated seats in some cases. We see our fair share of bad weather in the UK, so getting married on a cold day is always a possibility.

Our sound systems allow you to create an individual playlist specially for you to create the totally matched mood that you want to enjoy on your very special day.

Stand Out

Arriving at the wedding venue in something like a Volkswagen Van or a classic Bentley has been done a thousand times before, so its time to make way for a modern alternative.

Most people will expect you to pull up in a classic wedding car, so arriving in something like a Rolls Royce, Jaguar or Range Rover will automatically set your special day apart from the rest. Enjoy a feeling of total uniqueness and leave everyone talking about your grand entrance.

You will often find that a lot of younger people will prefer both the look and feel of a newer vehicle, with sleeker designs and a need for speed playing a factor.

Red Carpet

VIP Experience

Taking a ride in a luxury vehicle is an experience that totally embodies the VIP feeling, and there really isn’t a feeling like it, and we normally provide a complimentary bottle of champagne to complete your happiness.

Turning up at the venue in the back of a classic car may look nice, but it doesn’t really give off that the feeling that the person on board is living in luxury. Being driven around in a brand new vehicle gives off an impression of style and elegance, and will automatically make you feel like a true VIP.

After all, have you ever noticed that VIPs tend to turn up at special events in the likes of a Jaguar or Rolls Royce?

Here at Red Carpet Cars, there is a reason why we have red carpet in our name. We pride ourselves on offering the ultimate VIP experience, providing a red carpet to step out on to start the celebrations off the right way.

Best Of Both Worlds

If you’re a fan of how classic cars look, hiring a modern car could actually make more sense.

For example, our beautiful Rolls Royce has taken the essence of it’s older models and updated it to produce a better vehicle, combining the best of both worlds. This allows you to enjoy the feeling of a classic car without sacrificing the benefits that come with hiring a modern vehicle.

If you’d like to learn more about the kind of packages we can offer at Red Carpet Cars, please get in touch. We’d love to learn more about how we can make your wedding day that little bit more special.

Modern Rolls Royce And Jaguar