Would you attend a wedding at 5.30am?

It’s an interesting question.

Do you think it’s unreasonable to expect guests to turn up at that time of day? Or do you think as it’s their wedding, they must do what they like, and guests should do their best to fit in?

Of course, you always have the option of not attending – after all, it’s an invitation not a summons.

So, would you go to a 5.30am wedding?

One couple who decided to have a sunrise beach wedding found themselves on the receiving end of quite a backlash from guests who thought that the early hour was a little unreasonable.

But aren’t most weddings a little unreasonable anyway, one way or the other?

Some might think that having a wedding in a different country – which basically gives your friends and family the choice of coming to your wedding at significant expense and taking a holiday there whether they want to or not, or the option of not coming at all, is unreasonable.

Others might delight in the compensations. You probably wouldn’t have to wear high heels, or top hat and tails for a 5.30am service on the beach and for some that would be a massive compensation for the early start.

And all the usual conventions – or what some might call demands – that we are expected to conform to as guests for any wedding might be considered unreasonable depending on your perspective. Think about dress code, expense, small-talk, the driving argument, hotels and time off work to name a few.

The world of weddings is full of couples who want their marriage to make other people happy too. And hopefully, it does, but it all takes place according to the couples’ own vision which inevitably won’t suit everyone for a multitude of different reasons. Remember that what one guest considers to be a lovely gesture another might consider to be an unreasonable demand.

So, would you go to a 5.30am wedding?